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To access the Sprinkler Netzer one can use a webbrowser


To controll the Sprinkler Netzer one can use the following url's:

  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?start=1 == start sprinkling with Valve 1 (close valve 2) for the a pre configured time
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?start=2&timeout=20 == start sprinkling with Valve 2 (close valve 1) for 20 minutes
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?stop == stop sprinkling, close all valves and stop pump
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?setmode=x   == switch Netzer sprinkler into mode x (x is number as described above)
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?getmode  == return Netzer sprinkler mode x (as described above)
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?settimer   == get the number off minutes the system is still sprinkling
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?getvalve=1  == get the actual status (open/close) and sprinkler time out of valve 1
  • http://{netzer-ip}/sprinkler.cgi?setvalve=1&timeout=5  == set the sprinkler time out of valve 1 to 5 minutes

For more information about the Netzer please refer to the Netzer home page www.mobacon.de