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Garden sprinkler control system

For my home automation system i'm busy building an automated garden sprinkler system. The system determines the sprinkling needs based on the current weather conditions and predictions.

The  garden sprinkler controller consists out of two systems

1) A Vera2 home automation controller as supplied by MiCasaverde (http://micasaverde.com/vera.php)

The Vera box is the master off the sprinkler system and determines the sprinkler needs, depending on the weather prediction as supplied by Google's weather API. (demo) This API provides the current weather conditions and the weather prediction for the next 5 days. For this purpose i've developed a new MiOS LUUP plugin heavily inspired on the Weather Plugin from "guessed" The Vera module provides also a setting dialog to configure the valve control unit (see system 2), sprinkler duration, time, weekdays etc.

2) A Netzer Ethernet PIC module from Sven Schlender (http://www.mobacon.de/Netzer/)

The Netzer module provides the Ethernet gateway between the Vera box and the Pump/Valve relays. The Netzer module also acts as a local control unit (start/stop buttons) and a watchdog preventing the sprinkler keeps pumping when the connection is lost. The Netzer - sprinkler system can be controlled through URL commands. For this purpose i've added a 'Sprinkler web'-page to the Netzer.

Both the MiOS LUUP plugin as the Netzer ROM code can be downloaden from the download area at this website.

(The Netzer ROM code is based on Netzer version 1.1 as provided by Elektor)